Heal Hearts & Create Little Smiles

The Florida Chapter is where Little Smiles, formerly known as Videos for Kids, got started in 1999, and is the founding chapter of the Little Smiles organization. The concept for Little Smiles is the dream of several diverse individuals including nurses, physicians and community business leaders who believed an organization for the children is needed. A Childs Wish – a little girl who while sick herself, gave her time and love to other children, started Little Smiles. Anything she had was shared with other kids on the cancer ward so that they could bear their own time in the hospital. Her only wish was that people would go forward and give with sincerity, directly to the same children whom she protected and cared so much about.
Inspired by that Child’s Wish, a businessman who had attended every black tie charity fundraiser decided he wanted to be part of something that would teach children how to give to other less fortunate children. Little Smiles was the avenue that allowed children to give their toys and videos to children in need and hospitalized. Since then Little Smiles has continued to support the notion of children giving to children, but has has also evolved into an organization that directly assists thousands of children each year.
Little Smiles works side by side with local nurses, childlife specialists, medical personnel and social workers who determine the immediate needs for each child and family. We view the staff who treat the children not only as our partners but as the “angels” who know the kids, the parents and each special circumstance. We consult with facility professionals directly and are therefore able to provide what is needed most. Little Smiles also interacts directly with the kids. We believe buying a game for a child is wonderful, but playing the game with that child is priceless!

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