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My son and his two heart surgeries

Hello my name is Sheila Fote and my son Travis is a commercial fisherman recently married and father to a beautiful baby girl Amelia Rose. My son has been going through some very difficult medical issues this past year Begining last January. I got a phone call from my daughter in law she tells me Travis is being rushed to the hospital with chest pains and doesn’t look good at all.  After arriving I saw my son and he was in terrible pain and his condition did not look good the doctors could not find what was wrong. Test after test were coming back with no answers. As they were drawing up his discharge papers the ER nurse kept at the doctors to look at him again. After a cardiologist ran another test he found that Travis had an aortic aneurysm had dissected and ruptured which warranted emergency surgery. After 7 hours and 3 very close calls the surgical team saved his life. He had a lengthy recovery time which basically ended his fishing season. After struggling through the summer working and getting his boat ready for this up coming season he found out he needed to go back in for yet another open heart surgery this time to replace his aortic valve.


John’s Child Attorney Fund

I typically don’t ask for help nor do I each out like this ever but, my girlfriend’s daughter is scared. Her father has done things to her that I rather keep out of this email. I want her to be safe and away from her. We are trying to get attorney for the up coming trial against him. I love this girl very much and she basically is my daughter. She wants nothing to do with him and is safe here. If we lose the trial we have to send her to her father for Christmas and three months out of the year. Please help us anyway possible. Here is the link:

Can you get this out to the kvj nation. I have listened to you since 99′ and love you guys to death. You have made my laugh when I had a bad day and can relate to a lot of things you talk about.

Thank you for your time,


Jessica’s Medical Fund

I am a thirty-seven year old mother of one incredible nine year old boy. His Father and I were not able to make our relationship work, however, we still live together. Before our son was born, we made a promise to each other that no matter what happened between us we would always strive to give our son 24/7 access to us both. In addition, Lenny (Father) is disabled and does not have the ability to financially support himself.

If I become ill to the point of not being able to work or if something happens to me, my whole family will fall apart. I cannot allow that to happen to my son, which is the only reason I am swallowing my pride and reaching out like this. Permanently repairing everything is going cost around $30,000. I am asking for $5,000 of that just to get the most dangerous part of the situation taken care of before it creates a more serious issue and to buy myself some more time to save for the rest.

I’m a local who attended Jupiter El, Jupiter Middle, and Jupiter High. I went on to receive my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Elementary Education to make a difference in the community I grew up in. I now teach Kindergarten at a Jupiter school and am in need of help during this challenging first year. I love my five-year-old kiddos, but they are full of energy and wiggles. I started a project on DonorsChoose to get some research-backed wobble chairs and fidget toys for my classroom. I am just $159 away from making a difference in my classroom. Can you help spread the word? I hate asking for money, but I’m in a bind and had nowhere else to turn.

Here is my project:

People can also give to my classroom for general use.

Thank you for your help!


I wanted to see if you could help a dear friend and his baby Lola. Lola has just been diagnosed with a fatal disease known as Krabbe Disease. Only 3 states in the US require testing for this rare but fatal disease at birth and if tested, baby Lola would have a different fate ahead of what is left of her precious life.

I volunteer with a group of friends to put on benefits for worthy causes or individuals. The production company is called STOKED SHOW FL. We get local bands to play for free to raise money for worthy causes.

Do you think you could help us get a venue and a few local bands (maybe even the Snack Pack?), to play a benefit to assist the Louter family in Lola’s treatment and also to bring awareness to this preventable disease? THE BIGGEST THING AT THIS POINT IS AWARENESS. This could have been prevented with a simple test!!!

We need our local community to come together for this in a big way!

Please do what you can to help baby Lola and help us to prevent future families from experiencing the affects of this preventable disease.

Below is a link to what I posted to our STOKED SHOW FLORIDA page. Scroll to the post from me Lauren Keller

I teach children with autism at Connections Education Center and we are looking for support to purchase some bowling equipment.  Most children with autism need some practice before going out into the community.  We hope to purchase this equipment to use at the school and then go to a bowling alley to use our newly acquired skills.

If you would like to donate any denomination you can do so at:

Nicole Norris passed away on September 3, 2016 unexpectedly at the young age of 47 years old leaving behind a husband, 5 children (Vanessa 26, Rebecca 22, Daniel 21, Timothy 18 and Hannah 16) and 2 grandchildren (Jace 1 year and Kinsley 8 months). We do not have the answers however we do know that there are so many people in Florida who loved her. My dad did a service in Colorado but we know so many people in Florida could not attend.

Pennies for Petruzzi

Hey, so my best friend just had his first day as a police officer yesterday. When he got home he was cooking dinner for his new wife and son and got burned by hot oil. He has 3rd degree burns all over the right side of his body and has to go to the burn unit at Jackson Memorial in Miami. His family could use some support right now as he will be out of work for at least a few months. Please help me help him and donate a couple dollars! Share the word, a brother in blue needs our help!

Anthony Nguyen

This is probably a long shot but my girlfriend’s father is very sick over in the Phillipines  and the Healthcare system over the is a lot different. We are both nurses at memorial regional down in holloywood. just trying to reach out to the kvj show and nation for any help. every little bit helps. thank you for your time.

Hey guys I listen every morning to you guys and I am asking for y’all to help me out.
I am currently homeless. I was working for a company for 13 years and was let go back in Feb/March. I had two months of money saved but after April my saving was depleted. I applied for more than 300 jobs. But everyone is only wanting to pay 8.50 to 9.50 hr and only 20/25 hrs week what adult can live with that. I got a job with Nabisco as a merchandiser it is $13 hr but also part time but once I prove myself I’m sure I will be able to get Full Time.This job requires me to drive to different grocery stores and without a car I will be unemployed again. So I can sleep in my car until i save the money for a deposit and move in cost of a place.  I have work hard all my life no government assistance often working two jobs to take care of my kids. I lost my rental home cause i couldn’t afford to pay I owe 2 months rent $1850 but good landlord didn’t file eviction on me just told me I needed to turn over the house.
The bank is trying to repo my car because i’m behind two payments and they don’t offer deferments or loan


modifications on auto loans. Thanks Community First Credit union… 👺I have been hiding out in my car cause when they take it I will be homeless with all my stuff.
I started a gofundme page. Please ask viewers to help. If i can get a hand up in life I will pay it forward in the near future. I am embarrassed to have to beg strangers for help but sometimes you need a stranger to help you. Also I am looking for a overnight second job if you know anyone hiring for overnight please let me know or have them contact me..

If people can give $1 or $5 it will ad up and help.

Mike T

My coworker has started a Go fund me page and he’s in dire need I wondering if y’all can share this and get word out see if we can help them out as always thank you for your support what you won’t do for your community in and close I have copied a link to the direct ago from the page thanks

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